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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between the Online Tribe and the 10 Week Web Warriors Program?

The Web Warriors program is an intense 10-week MINDFULNESS program with a much greater focus on providing videos and PDF content on diving deep into your mind and how you see yourself and other women and unlocking any barriers in your mind to you being healthy and happy. The online Tribe focuses more on providing regular content to continue to inspire you and build on your mindfulness. The workout components are very similar, with both programs giving you full access to the workout archives. The Web Warriors program INCLUDES the Online Tribe program at no extra cost.

Can I do this program before doing the 10 Week Web Warriors program?

It is recommended that you complete the 10-week program or a home team program first so you understand the basic principals and topics of mindfulness, but it is not essential. Some women choose to purchase the Online Tribe first as it provides ongoing inspiration and workout ideas without the Intense MIND program. It also gives you immediate access to all the workouts so if your focus is on fitness, you get that for a very affordable price.

I haven't exercised for a long time or am recovering from an injury- Will WTribe suit me?

All of our on line workouts can be modified to cater for all fitness levels. If you ever feel like a workout is not suitable for you, you can access our archive of workouts and pick a different one. If you have had an injury, please ask your doctor for clearance before proceeding.

How do I cancel my membership?

Depending on which package you selected will determine your length of contract and you can not cancel this contract.

Is the program pregnancy or postpartum friendly?

The mind component is 100% recommended for pregnant women and new mums. Whilst your body and lifestyle is undergoing so many changes its a perfect time to start to work on your mindset. The workouts can be catered for pregnancy and post partum, and there are pregnancy workouts in the archives. Its important you have a doctors clearance before commencing any workouts while pregnant.

Can you do the MIND and not the workouts?

ABSOLUTELY! A lot of women that have a good exercise routine choose to do this program for the mindfulness and continue with their normal fitness routine.

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