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Welcome to the online tribe

How the program works in 3 easy steps!

We are so happy to have you in our Tribe. Please have a look through the following tools to help you navigate and get the best out of your program.

Step One: Familiarise yourself with the content!

All the content is here on this page. The newest content is always across the top and all the INDEXES have are full of blogs, videos and other content that you can access at any time in the following categories

Workout Index: These videos are designed for you to do to ‘with us’. These videos can be tailored to suit any fitness level and you can choose to do anywhere from 1 to more rounds to suit your needs. They are sectioned into different categories of workout and generally require minimal equipment.

Accountability Index: These are little snapshots of workouts that you can screenshot and take with you to the gym, your hotel room, a park or at home. If you’re not sure what an exercise is, then you’ll find a detailed explanation of it in the Exercise Index.

Mindfulness Index: Here you will find all the beautiful content to inspire you, challenge you and motivate you to be more mindful. To start to see your self differently, to start to take care of yourself and to start to see the power of women supporting women and how you too can feel happier, within yourself.

Nutrition Index: is full of information from our nutritionist giving you knowledge of all the things women struggle with the most when it comes to diets and nutrition. Our aim is not to tell you what to eat every day, but to give you enough information that you can make food choices that nourish both you, your family and support your lifestyle.

Recipe Index: is constantly updated with great recipes to give you ideas on how to best nourish your body. We also feature local cooks and nutritionists and provide discounts to their programs and recipe books.

Every week new content is loaded in the INDEXES to keep you on track.

Step Two: Grab Your Accountability Planner

We have found that the most effective way for you understand and use the content is to use your Accountability Planner each week.

Download Your Accountability Planner Here

So please, have a browse, become familiar with the planner and start creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself. We are not a program that does all the work for you, but at WTribe we promise to help and support you every step of the way so you can learn to create sustainable changes. If you ever have any questions, please head over to the facebook page and Sarah and her team will be happy to help!

Step Three: Join The Facebook Group

Join us over on Facebook for ongoing support and accountability!

Join the Facebook group here

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