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WTribe has membership options that suit all fitness levels and needs. Join us in person at our Wellness Centre at Tuggerah on the NSW Central Coast or workout beyond our gym, by joining in from home with our online videos and content

8 Week Summer Fitness Challenge – starts 20th January!

🌸 You know the benefits of wellness but are not sure how to fit exercise or nutrition into your busy schedule?
🌸 Need motivation or support to get moving?
🌸 Sick and tired of the constant battle with your body?
🌸 Exhausted from trying all the latest diets or not utilising your gym membership?
🌸 Constantly comparing yourself to other women who seem to have ‘it’ under control?
🌸 Don’t like the idea of big gyms and feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing?
🌸 Feel like you’ve lost yourself in the process of being a wife, mother etc.?

Our 8 week Challenge is for the woman who is ready to make her health and fitness a priority and would like the authentic support of an amazing tribe of women behind her to do so!  Join now!

Home Team @ Tuggerah

By joining our Home Team you will gain instant access to WTribe online and everything in-centre at Tuggerah Business Park, including:
💙 Unlimited classes each week at the WTribe Centre, including; Move, Strong, Box Fit and Super Sessions
💙 Free on-site crèche
💙 Free access to our seasonal Challenges
💙 Full access to ‘WTribe Online’ – Our online program featuring additional workouts, mindfulness, nutritional content and much more
💙 Free membership to our private Facebook support group to help keep you accountable
💙 Access to discounts with activewear, nutritionist, supplements and other supporting businesses

Online Tribe

Online Tribe is an ongoing wellness membership program committed to giving women all over the world access to our content from the comfort of their own homes whilst keeping them connected to our tribe, being part of a movement changing the way women see fitness and themselves! 
💜 Full access to ‘WTribe Online’ – Our online program featuring workouts, mindfulness, recipes, nutritional content and much more
💜 Free access to our seasonal Challenges
💜 Free membership to our private Facebook support group to help keep you accountable
💜 Access to discounts with activewear, nutritionist, supplements and other supporting businesses

FREE Facebook Inspiration Group

Not quite ready to become a WTribe member? Then join our FREE Facebook community where women are embracing and supporting each other on the journey to better health and happiness. This is a group where anyone is welcome. We will have WTribe aligned discussions, post inspirational features, mindfulness and nutritional information – all completely free! 

10 Week Teen Tribe @ Tuggerah

WTribe has designed a physical and mental fitness program specifically targeted for young women (12-16 years). At WTribe we preach the ‘Be That Girl’ philosophy where we stand up and declare that we want to be the girl who encourages others, who talks (with love) to quieten that voice in our head that gets us down, who prioritises our health and happiness because we function better mentally with it, who gets the most out of life and who lives as aligned as we can to what our values. Classes are a fusion of fun, fitness and friendship where we take a mindful approach to topics like body image, social media and self-care and led by our amazing coach Megan (a qualified school teacher with both fitness and nutrition qualifications). Teen Tribe runs in conjunction with the school term on Thursdays 4pm-5pm. Places are limited.

Intensive Mindfulness Coaching with Sarah W

This program is for women who feel stuck and lost their mojo… If you’re a mum, a career woman, a wife, a girlfriend, a daughter and cannot find the time for anything else… If you know the benefits or exercise, a balanced diet and mindfulness but cannot find the energy to implement healthy habits for yourself… If you have tried all the fad diets and tried to exercise but it is only ever short lived or not getting any results… If you have all the excuses and that you are just too ‘busy’ to fit anything else in… you are not alone. The reason so many women can feel this way is because in the process of balancing everything and everyone in our lives, women neglect to nourish the most important thing, which is our own minds. This program will help you reconnect and change the way you see yourself and your health. Places are limited.

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