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Let’s Change the way girls see themselves!

There is a movement of teenage girls on the Central Coast who are changing the way girls all over the world approach fitness and how they see themselves.

With the increase in access to information through technology and social media, our young girls are being exposed to much more than the generation before them.

Young girls are getting swept up in the diet, health, fitness and beauty industries before they have even learnt who they are.

They are forced to make choices that will impact them for the rest of their lives around important social issues such as body image, nutrition and how to speak to and treat themselves and each other.

As parents or educators, there is often no way for us to influence their emotions or intent behind these choices before it is too late.

That’s where #Wtribe program comes in. This program is designed to empower young girls to be more mindful. To understand themselves and love themselves for who they are.

To be happy with themselves and to create sustainable wellness and fitness habits out of love and respect for their body, not hate.

The program also teaches young girls the importance of diversity and accepting others for who they are and to eliminate judgement of other girls and how to build meaningful friendships with likeminded girls.

Our Wtribe Teen program is based at our Women’s Wellness Centre at Tuggerah, NSW.

We meet twice a week for 45minutes and focus 20minutes per session on our 10-week mindfulness program and 20 minutes on a fun, but high-intensity workout for the girls.

We also offer our WTribe for Teens programs for schools.

This program has recently taken off, we come to your school during sports hours and take your teens through 1hr of MIND and 1hr of group fitness each week- all with the same outcomes of our home program.

Weekly Membership $20 a week to our Home Teen Program on a 3-month contract.

That’s only $10 per session!

Teens whose mothers are a Home Team members receive 50% off.

School Programs- please contact us for an information pack!

How can I join the Teen Tribe?

Once you join up online (and sign the contract etc) you will become a part of the Teen Tribe straight away.

You are then welcome to turn up to the next available class at The WTribe Cente.

If you are a parent and would like to take advantage of our 50% off existing member discount – simply get in touch and we’ll send you an exclusive discount code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the teens program designed for?

We currently have members aged between 9-16, but we target 12-16yr olds. It depends on the maturity/experiences of your teen as to whether you think she will benefit from the program. We tend to find that girls over the age of 16 usually prefer to join the womens program.

How do I access the 50% off code?

If the teen’s parent is a Wtribe member then please contact us for your membership discount code.

Do I have to stay while my teen does her class?

No, we actually prefer guardians to drop off and then come back to pick up as we find the teens open up a lot more without parents around.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you are on a contract then you are required to continue your membership until the contract expires, however after this time frame, we require 2 weeks notice to cancel your membership.

Can I suspend my membership if I'm going on Holidays?

You can suspend your membership for a period of 2-6 weeks with a maximum of 6 weeks per year. If you suspend within a contract period, your contract will be extended by the amount you have suspended by. Suspensions must be received in writing and will incur a $20 admin fee.

What do i wear to my first session?

Just wear comfortable active wear and sneakers. We do not care about brands or how you look, we tend to focus on whether you are exercising safely and having fun as opposed to how good your butt looks in active wear!

Do you have a shower we can use after class?

We do have two toilets and a shower that members can access. We always have shampoo/conditioner, soaps etc and just ask you to bring your own towel.

Are you ready to change the way your teen sees herself? 

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