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Laughing at yourself!

by | Oct 19, 2016 | #wtribe, Fitness | 0 comments

“Life isn’t always fair and one way of coping with this by laughing. Firstly at ourselves and secondly at the different situations we get ourselves into. It’s always easy to laugh at others, it’s laughing at ourselves that309a9853c‘s the big one to crack.”
Last year my mum had an accident which resulted in serious brain surgery and 2 months in intensive care before we turned off her life support. We found the above quote in my mum’s journal the day after she died.
What made this so special is that my mum instilled this in us as kids and me and my siblings all still love a good laugh. I adore it and it makes me so proud that I believe in the same philosophy as my mum did.
I remember my grandpa saying “if they’re laughing at you, then at least they’re leaving some other poor bloke alone”
Smile more and Laugh more… it’s that easy!

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