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Mindfulness Programs

WTribe is the Central Coast’s pioneers in wellness and mindfulness.

Our programs are available for presentation and implementation in your workplace or school.

WTribe Workshops

Would you like to promote women’s wellness, self-love and authenticity in your workplace?

WTribe is the Central Coast’s pioneers in women’s wellness and mindfulness.

Multiple workshops are available to come to you, bringing experienced guest speakers and content that will change the way women see themselves and create a strong bond and culture amongst your workplace.

PreSchool Mindfulness

Imagine if our next generation weren’t locked into the same thinking patterns that we have been all our lives and they learn to love and appreciate themselves and each other and build resilience before they even get to school.
Our WTribe Mindfulness program for Preschoolers is a great way to teach them to open their minds up to other ways of thinking before they start school.

Our program teaches both educators and children critical life and coping skills including kindness, gratitude, helping others, bravery, healthy eating, active lifestyles, setting goals and celebrating ourselves.

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