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Gratitude Journal


We all spend so much time talking about the things we want or don’t have and rarely stop to ‘smell the roses.’ Being grateful for what you do have is a practice, that turns into a healthy, positive habit. When you start, it may feel forced, and it is easy to focus on the top level things (health, family etc.) but as you become more mindful and practise gratitude daily, you will start to feel grateful in every day moments (a kind gesture from a stranger, something sweet your child has said or your partner or friend making an effort to make you smile).

Gratitude is another way to help turn unconstructive talk into a positive. When something goes wrong in our lives, if we stop and appreciate the things we do have, then it really helps us to re-focus and move forward in a positive way.

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• Hardcover
• A5 (210x148mm)
• 104 pages
• Case-bound


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