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These women made me smile today…

by | Dec 9, 2018 | #wtribe | 0 comments

Yesterday we had our WTribe Christmas Party.

A group of women started the day off with an awesome outdoor workout and then the families started to arrive. So many families, so many children, so many hubbies.

Married women, single women, women with kids, women without kids, pregnant women, women with babies, toddlers and women who are grandparents.

Everyone brought some food… some people brought delicious homemade fudges and brownies and some of us (including me) brought purchased snacks or simply a bag of chips. We all ate like kings.

We had paddleboards lined up on the beach and I watched with the biggest smile as the kids, dads and mums ran out and paddled away, falling off.. but laughing the whole time! I watched most of the women hesitate when they took their clothes off, but eventually I smiled as women of all ages, shapes and sizes lay on the beach, the rocks or jumped in the water in their swimwear. I heard stories of new swimwear that had been purchased for this occasion as these women were proud of their bodies. I heard stories of women in bikinis and no shorts for the first time since adolescence, and I heard stories of skin that hadn’t seen the light of day for years making an appearance. I saw women who cared more about the fun they were having then how their bodies looked. This made me smile.

I watched women attempt paddle boarding for the first time. I saw women give it a go, not caring what anyone else though and I saw smiles that made everyone else on the beach smile.

One of the teen girls was teaching a group of women to dance on the rocks. A video that was taken shows a carefree group of women in their swimwear laughing at themselves and each other while learning something new.

I received messages from tribe members who wished they could be there and videos from the other side of the world from our members sending their love and smiles.

We were having fun, we were enjoying each others company. No pressure, no expectations, just a group of women united in a belief that women should support other women more.

We are diversity, we are collaboration, we are support, we are unconditional, we are health, we are fitness, we are mindfulness, we are WTribe.

In this moment, my purpose was fueled. My passion to empower women is re-invigorated because these women show me everyday that it is possible to live in a world where women flourish by simply feeling comfortable to be themselves.

Keep an eye out for WTribe in 2019 ladies!!

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