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What do you LOVE about yourself?

by | Dec 19, 2016 | #wtribe | 0 comments

This is the question we asked in my #wtribe this week.

For some, it is easy to answer, for others they have never taken a moment to feel proud or celebrate what they are good at. There were even tears as some women struggled to say something nice about themselves.⠀

When I take a selfie like this – there is so much I naturally pick on. I can see wrinkles, bad skin, dark circles and more….. but I’ve been practicing being kinder to myself and now I’ve learnt to see a kind face, a happy person and face that has been through so much and still has a beautiful smile.⠀

Saying this does not make me ‘up myself’ or arrogant. It makes me mindful and grateful. I believe mindfulness is just as important than physical fitness.⠀

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