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#WTribe Fitness Classes- starting 26th September!

by | Aug 10, 2016 | #wtribe, Fitness | 0 comments

Sarah W is happy to announce a new 10-week Wellness Program- starting 26th September in Berkeley Vale on the Central Coast. This is not ordinary Bootcamp!!

You will attend two sessions per week, these sessions go for 75mins, with 30mins focused on building women’s mindfulness. We do so many great activities to help you understand your goals, values, self-talk and much more so that not only will you see physical results but also get your mind in the right place to sustain the results. You will also become a member of your exclusive #wtribe which is your unique group of amazing, supportive women, as we know women thrive in a collaborative and supportive environment!

And… Then you get to sweat it out, grow stronger, lose weight and have fun with your #wtribe!

For more information, please contact Sarah W. Limited positions per class.

Meet the WTribe Team

WTribe is the movement that is liberating women to be their authentic selves and empowers all women to live happier and healthier lives.